Burning Sky


Book 1 in the Steve Keller trilogy.


Steve Keller is a smart lad, highly educated and modest to a fault, but a resolving thinker thwarted by his own stubborn undoing. A return to the Navajo Reservation wasn’t in his immediate plans but after completing his studies at the police academy, he finds himself an understudy to Sergeant Karen Thomas. Karen was a well-respected authority figure in desperate times when the killings started. As one clan elder after another dies horribly, Steve struggles with his own cultural identity, which he had left behind to attend the whiteman’s university.

With Karen in tow, Steve descends further and further into a darkness that has enveloped a small Navajo community. He must make rules where none exist, choices where there were none to be made, and resolution to matters which have no judicial boundaries to govern them in order to create enough faith to carry on, even when there is no hope to be found. The first book in a trilogy that chronicles Steve Keller’s quest for truth, Burning Sky offers a complex look at justice, culture, and the supernatural in Navajo country.
Burning Sky was a finalist in the 2016 Arizona Authors Association literary awards for fiction.


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